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The wonder of the Pressure Cooker !

Ever strapped for time to make a nutritious and wholesome meal on these cold evenings?? The pressure cooker has been a vital part of our every day cooking for years. It costs about 70 euros but will last a lifetime. Our one is over 10 years old and still looks and works as good as new.

The pressure cooker is part of everyday cooking in Northern Greece, more so in the winter. It is used in many Greek recipes such as lentil soup, ‘Arakas’ which is pea and potato soup which is the recipe we have included below. We always use the pressure cooker to cook all our meats and it leaves them tender and succulent. We couldn’t live without our pressure cooker and it is used approximately 3 times a week in some recipe or another!!!

This week’s recipe is Pea and Potato Soup – so delicious and so easy to make. Just ensure that when you have all your ingredients added and your carton of passata sauce that you add water to cover the ingredients. If you find once it is cooked it is too watery leave off the lid and boil off some of the water.  Once served you can add feta which is delicious when melted in the soup or some chilli flakes. You can also add some meat to the dish.

Check out our short below below and our recipe for our delicious Pea and Potato soup.





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