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Greek Seasoning Mix for Greek Salad


Our Mix for Greek salad will add a delicious taste to your Salads. Sprinkle over your salad for a finishing touch.  For an exquisite Greek Salad pour some of  our extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the salad and then our Greek Salad Mix!

Our herbs are free from any artificial preservatives and do not include wheat or flour.

Check out our handy tips for some great ways to use our Greek Salad!. Check out our blog for a  recipe for the perfect Greek Salad.
Spices included:
Oregano, Thymbra, Parsley, Celery

Mix and Match any 3 jars, olives or seasoning mixes for €13. Use coupon ‘3for13’ at checkout.

Quantity: 50gr
Package: 1 pc

Greek Seasoning Mix for Greek Salad



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