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Customer Reviews

Can't recommend Petros enough.
I enquired last week about doing up a Christmas hamper for a family member, who LOVES the taste and flavours of Crete and Petros responded so quickly and within 2 days I had a beautiful hamper delivered to my front door. 5 star service.


Mark Noonan

Great produce and tip top customer service. Brings the taste of Crete right into our Dublin kitchen. Lovely in the heart of winter to cook with these sun soaked ingredients and dream of odysseys island to island. Great for Christmas presents too. Deliveries always well wrapped & speedy.


Paula Meehan

Simply put, Soul of Crete has the best olive oil available.
I use it everyday for my interpretation of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.
I use it as a table condiment, in various dips, vinaigrettes and marinades, assorted salads, bread dough, pasta, soups, sauces, as well as some sauté and roasting. I also use it to finish dishes and some desserts.
The bottom line is this. if you are serious about food, cooking and quality extra virgin olive oil, then you absolutely have to use Soul of Crete.


Raymond Gillespie

Probably the best olive oil you can find in Ireland and one of the best I have tried in my life (and I've been living in Greece most of my life). Super fast shipping and the owners are always friendly and professional.


Dimitris Dakopoulos

Lovely delicate olive oil.Great quality. First class service. Ordered yesterday. On my doorstep today at 9 am. Lovely people to deal with. Very professionally run. Best olive oil I have ever purchased.Am a total convert. Buy the large tin.


Mary McGloughlin Smith

Vangelis Simonidis


I was born in Greece and I was living in Athens till last year. The olive oil was always a basic element in my family’s cuisine. I have tasted various of Olive oils in Greece from different origins and varieties for more than three decades. I can easily say and admit that the quality of the olive oil that I bought recently from Petros “The soul of Crete” is one of the best I have ever tried. Mild acidity with a fine aroma and a smooth taste. A highly recommend Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a very good price.A huge appreciation and thousand of Congratulations to Petros for his high quality product.

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